2018 Stay At Home Work Camp

Camp Dates



Dates will be announced in the Spring!

Work Campers will


WORK. Each day campers and leaders divide into work teams to do home and community projects such as roofing, painting, and general repair.  The home repairs are done for those who could not have the work done otherwise due to physical or financial limitations.



“The kids made my home a brighter place!” – Homeowner




PLAY. In order to unwind after a day of hard work, the campers and leaders will participate in group activities.



“The activities are fun and help us unwind from our day.”    – Camper




GROW. Each day is brought to an end at an evening session that allows campers spiritual encouragement, reflection on the accomplishments of the day, and participate in group building activities.



In the sessions we try to bring the Bible to life and show campers how to live!”      – Leader




Online registration form will be available in the Spring.
For more information check out our Stay-at-Home Work Camp page here!

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