About Us - Lake Wales Care Center

Mission Statement: Lake Wales Care Center is a faith based community service organization which demonstrates Christ’s love by building bridges between people in need and people with a desire to serve.

People helping people helping people…That’s Lake Wales Care Center. That’s its function, its purpose, its reason for being.


Like most American towns, Lake Wales has some needy people-for whatever reason, they need food, or clothing, or medical help, or shelter, or home-bound care, or a mentor. Lake Wales also has some very compassionate people.  People who are able to help and who recognize and honor the Biblical instruction to help a neighbor in need. They are willing to give generously of their time, their resources, their talents and their expertise.

Between these two groups, there exists a wide gulf.  How does one group reach the other without the risk of lost time, wasted resources, and misplaced effort? That is where Care Center functions: bridging the gap, enabling one group to reach the other. Care Center staff and volunteers give of their time and talents…in a most practical way; they become the PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE!

Lake Wales Care Center is currently celebrating our 32nd Anniversary. Please take a few minutes to explore our website and learn about the different programs we offer. For more information call our main office at 863-676-6678.

Lake Wales Care Center is an Equal Opportunity Provider.