“Think that’s Jesus?”

Celebrating Choices Pregnancy Care Program’s New Ultrasound Machine


Lake Wales Care Center’s Ultrasound Dedication Ceremony on September 19th was incredibly inspiring. The machine was donated by the Knights of Columbus and many other generous donors. Choices Pregnancy Care Program understands that a woman concerned about an unplanned pregnancy may face some of the most difficult decisions she will ever make. This program specializes in helping women get the information they need so they can those decisions with confidence. The staff and volunteers are there to empower women to make a plan and provide support for the next step in the journey. An Ultrasound is more than just a medical machine; it is crucial to the work done at Choices Pregnancy Care. The ability to see a child as well as to hear their heartbeat can be a turning point in the decision making process of new mothers.


A beautiful story was shared by Kristi Perkins, Choices Program Coordinator, at the ceremony.  The story was about a young mother who visited the clinic a few months ago. This mother came to Choices Pregnancy Care after having visited an abortion clinic twice with intentions of terminating her pregnancy. The first time around, the father of the baby decided that they should take more time to think. They then returned to the abortion clinic a second time and after waiting for 3 hours for the clinician, no one showed up. “Think that’s Jesus?” she asked as she shared her story with the nurse at Choices. The mother and father were offered a sonogram while at their Choices appointment and happily accepted. As the sonographer, Asia Smith, was explaining what she saw on the screen and showed the screen to the mother and father, a small hand waved across the screen as if to say “hi”. The mother turned to the sonographer and asked once again, “Think that’s Jesus?”


An Ultrasound Machine is a huge expense that Lake Wales Care Center never thought possible. With the assistance of the Knight of Columbus and many other generous donors and participants, what seemed impossible, became a reality. Think that’s Jesus?


Learn more about Choices Pregnancy Care Program by clicking here.

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