Family Services & Basic Needs - Lake Wales Care Center


Lake Wales Care Center exists because our neighbors care about what happens to those in our community. As a result of their care, neighbors who are able share their time, dollars, food, and household goods with those who have needs.

Lake Wales Care Center serves as the bridge between those who can share today, and those who have needs today. The hope is that those who have needs today will one day be able to reach out and share with someone else.

You can discover more about our Family Services & Basic Needs program below.


Basic Needs

On a limited basis, we are able to provide an opportunity for those in our community who are facing an unexpected loss of income or an unexpected necessary expense.

We provide this through a CARE plan, which often includes:

  • Volunteer hours
  • Regular Meetings with a caseworker to span a period of one to six months (which may include budgeting assistance)
  • Pay back agreements
  • Home visits
  • Life Skills class attendance (finance, relationships, etc.)

In order for us to fairly evaluate the circumstances of each family’s situation, as we look to develop a CARE plan opportunity, the family will be asked to provide documentation of the following information:

  • Income from employment, disability, SSI, Social Security, child support, pensions, retirement account, TANF, and any other income source
  • Mortgage, rent, and utility payments
  • Food stamps
  • Other income and expenses which impact the family’s budget (such as receipts for unexpected expenses)

Life Skills Classes

Lake Wales Care Center is proud to offer a 4-class series on Life Skills to help individuals to meet the challenges of everyday life.

The mission of Life Skills classes is to help individuals develop confidence and take responsibility for their own health, and financial and physical well-being. Life Skills emphasizes defining healthy relationships, financial planning, employability and developing a healthy lifestyle.

Life Skills classes are held weekly and are open to the public. Please contact our main office at 863-676-6678 for a class schedule.

Class Descriptions:

  1. Relationships – This class offers thoughts on how and why we were created for relationships with God, self and then others. We discuss practical ways to enhance all three of those relationships, as well as learn how we individually give and receive love.
  1. Finance – It is an unfortunate truth that for many of us, we are enslaved to our financial situation. The Finance Class gives helpful information that can begin to transform you to being the master of your finances. Budgeting, the importance of saving, misuse of credit cards and other important topics are covered.
  1. Employability – This hour long class is for individuals who are unemployed or seek to have better employment. It reviews job seeking principles that help develop a clear path to gain employment.
  1. Health – Many people are unhealthy because they do not understand serving size proportions of packaged food or the amount of sodium and sugar they should limit in their diet on a daily basis. This class focuses on the importance of what’s on your plate as well as understanding the nutrition facts on a food label.  We offer hands on experience in reading food labels and help individuals to become more aware of how to make necessary changes to reduce sodium and sugar with an emphasis on paying attention to serving size.


If you have a need please contact Care Center’s Main Office at 863-676-6678
to schedule an appointment with a case manager