Volunteers Make a Difference, Wherever They Are!

A volunteer, by definition, is “a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.”  To Lake Wales Care Center, volunteers are even more than that – they are the people who give of their valuable time to make sure Care Center’s mission is accomplished. 

Water’s Edge, Lake Wales’ Senior Living Community, houses some wonderful volunteers that are willing to do just that. This summer, residents of Water’s Edge expressed interest in helping out, but were unable to travel to offer their time, so the Care Center simply came to them. Volunteer Coordinator Jolee Beamer set up a time in the Water’s Edge auditorium, and willing and able residents showed up in great spirits, ready to help. 

The volunteers were a big help, cheerfully taping hangers together to sell in the thrift stores and rolling silverware for the Community Kitchen that happens every Sunday. One resident mentioned how excited she was to be volunteering when she said, “We love the Care Center! You all do such wonderful work. We’re glad to help.” 

Old or young, big or small, volunteers are invaluable members of Lake Wales Care Center. There are always opportunities to serve and be a part of the people helping people helping people.

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